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Nursing Friendly Favorites

Nursing friendly clothing is the unicorn of all clothing, let me back up...CUTE nursing friendly clothing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find, and when you do find a cute shirt or dress its way over priced or sold out.
I feel like I have looked through the entire internet, 100s of sites and there are maybe 5 different places that have stood out. THIS IS A PROBLEM. I know I will only wear the clothing for a year, I'm an over buyer anyway so this isn't even an issue for me. Why, WHY are there no breastfeeding friendly clothing stores?!?!
(Please check out my blog post on nursing friendly athletic wear if you are interested in that here.)
As most of you know I am obviously breastfeeding. If you aren't, you are either reading this post to be a supportive person, which I thank you (also "HI" mom and dad and supportive friend!) or you are yourself looking for this very particular niche clothing and have gotten nowhere. (Option 3: You don't actually like me at all, but you r…

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